Evaluating Sake
  • Hirako Shuzo Co., Ltd., Miyagi
  • Junmai, Wataribune #2


Umm… to be candid, from the brewery’s perspective, this sake seemingly aims the best cost performance, setting highest price in the category at less cost to optimize the margin. You know the attempt from the bottle appearance. There is no back label which usually describes the product details such as kinds of sake rice, malt, and degree of rice polishing and etc.. This sake does not make any efforts as if telling us that no money is spent for such unnecessary information. This brewery even does not have its website to introduce own products. There would be no need for modernized marketing locally.

Well, just find the name of sake rice which is used for this make. Wataribune #2 is the one that the brewery claims is father of Yamada Nishiki. Everyone admits that Yamada Nishiki is very notable sake rice brand, but I don’t know how important it is for this sake. Child is much superior than father… This is just ad to deceive shoppers to pick up for try. (I did!)

You already know the quality of this sake without my comments. The taste is just water with alcohol, and this sake is obviously overpriced. You can find much better ones from one lower price segment. In my opinion, it is a total waste of money. The retail price after tax is about $14.00.