Evaluating Sake
  • AOKI SHUZO The Sake Brewery Co., Ltd, Niigata
  • Junmai Ginjo, Koshitanrei


I pick up this brand in accordance with the recommendation from my colleague who enjoy this sake locally. Though this is from very well known and proudly long traditional brewery in Niigata Prefecture which is known for one of the good Sake places in Japan, to be very frank, this specific make is so disappointing to me.

The first sip initiate poor flavor and just end up with with unpleasant bitterness at the swallow-up. The aroma is minimal, and there is no elements or characteristics to satisfy me. One night air exposure does not change anything, but even makes the bitterness stronger. I am unable to describe anything more about this sake…sorry.

Well, you can get much better sake at this price. If I have had selected more pricy one (e.g., Junmai Dai Jinjo) from this brand then my evaluation would have been different. Please try other ones if you have chances. The retail price after tax is $15.00.