Evaluating Sake
  • Toraya Headquarters, Co. Ltd., Tochigi Prefecture
  • Junmai Ginjyo, Omachi

It was quite surprising to know that there is a small brewery in the midst of Utsunomiya City where many government offices, major business branches, hotels, and etc are situated. We visited here because this brewery’s sake is ranked No.1 in all local Tochigi sakes, according to one of the internet articles.

Usually, Japanese Sake is evaluated based on the characteristics of sweetness, bitterness, sourness, and savorness (umami). Well, this Sake is no distictive characteristic to describe. In a good sense, this Sakes is well-balanaced. On the contrary however this is kind of mediocre.

Just opened the bottle, strong yeast flavor was sensed. Initial taste was like young peach and ended up with alcohol bitterness which was not bad. Overnite taste got milder than the timing of just open. But overall balance of the features remained unchanged. To be honest, I don’t know how come this Sake was ranked No. 1 of Tochigi Sakes. The retail price after tax is $16.00.