Shikizakura – Winter

Evaluating Sake
  • Utsunomiya Shuzo Co. Ltd., Tochigi Prefecture
  • Junmai, Gohyakumangoku

This was my second time visit to this brewery. I picked up freshly brewed and winter special version this time. I don’t know why this Sake was said to be “Live” which should be under fermentation, but was not refrigerated when I bought at the brewery’s store.

Regardless of the above, the quality of this Sake is superb. This Sake provides fresh pear flavor which is completely consistent and gracefully gives modest sweetness. This characteristic did not change due to air exposure, which is amazing. I was impressed with kind of “pride” of this brewery that can keep and provide the high quality of sakes regardeless of the external causes such as temperature and air.

This second time visit convinced me that this brewery has maintained very high quality since the sake had been served at first class of Japan Airlines. I reconfirmed as well that the quality is consistently exceptional accross its product lines. I would like to add that the delicacies (dried squid amd shark fin) were also good!! This brewey should be better known Japan domestically and even worldwide. The retail price after tax is $14.00.