Kamo Kinshu

Chugoku & Shikoku
  • Kanemitsu Shuzo LPC, Hiroshima
  • Tokubetsu Junmai, Hattan Nishiki


Kamo Kinshu is kind of new brand to me, but it certainly is coming from one of best sake areas which is near Saijo in Higashi (East) Hiroshima. Representative Partner of this company is young and very aggressive in pushing this new brand in rather traditional sake place.

I have tried this brand many times at a restaurant, but to be honest, this specific make is not good to my taste unfortunately. This one is different from from what I used to enjoy. This one actually tastes dry, but I am afraid that “dry” is not the advantage of this brewery. I expect more complicated, rich and changing flavors from the beginning through swallow up. I would rather say unfortunately that this make maintains dryness but therefore is missing the allure of change.

I am coming back to this brand definitely as there are several different makes available here and I have been quite impressed with what I enjoyed at the restaurant. The retail price before tax is $15.00.