Evaluating Sake
  • Ozawa Shuzo Co. Ltd., Tokyo
  • Junmai Ginjo, Sake Rice : Unknown

It says that this make is exclusive to the brewery’s affiliate liquor shops. I got this last one from my local shop.

This one is quite different from traditional Sawanoi which I have known. This is far better than what I anticipated. As far as I know, Sawanoi is very dry, strong and mannish sake. I am not inclined to pick up such ones. But this one betrayed my expectation in a good meaning. My prejudice turns to be wrong. While this one maintains the sharpness modest aroma also stands out. I would say this is rather light body but now shallow. This gives me very clear impact at the finish. I am happy that I come across another facet of Sawanoi which is recommendable to anyone. The retail price after tax is about $17.00.