Raifuku (Gohyakumangoku)

Evaluating Sake


  • Raifuku Shuzo, Ibaraki
  • Junmai, Gohyakumangoku

Ibaraki is not well known for Japanese sake. But it is amazing that the brewery techniques are able to produce this kind of high quality sake regardless of the venue which is not good for sake making. In reality, the brewery uses wide variety of sake ingredients including sake yeast. We are impressed with the techniques that can draw the beauty of each ingredient to make the best combination.

This sake comes with spicy taste at the beginning, and maintains good aroma with adequate acidity. In addition to its brand name which is “Coming Fortune”, you may be more fortunate enough to enjoy this high quality sake at this reasonable price.

The distribution of the products made by this brewery is limited. But, they are running their own shop exclusively carrying their products near the brewery. And the brewery tour is open to the public. We paid our visit before and were guided by CEO who gave us in-depth explanation about their products. Why don’t you visit the brewery if you have a chance to come to Kanto area. The price before tax is about $11.00.