Chugoku & Shikoku
  • Asahi Shuzo Co. Ltd., Yamaguchi
  • Junmai Dai Ginjo, Sake Rice Unknown


It’s not my intention to introduce and evaluate the established sake brands here, but rather to pick up the ones which are obscure to the foreign people who are interested in Japanese sake. I don’t either want to be too much commercial to run this web site, but just want to capitalize upon the power of brand which is probably the most well-known in Japan now so that this web site is easy to find via search engine (L).

In a word, this sake is elegant enough to attract anybody. Upon its cap is taken, the sake delivers very smooth and mild texture to drinkers and surprise them with how easy to drink. Quite understandable is why this sake brand is well accepted and highly valued by the people. But as you go more, the profile of this sake is changing; you will start sensing more sake tastes and feeling more body without disruption in its integrity. This phase change is also one of the intriguing aspect of this sake.

This specific Dassai is not positioned in premium segment of the product line. But, you can enjoy the spirit of this brewery even with lower priced product like this. The retail price after tax is $17.00.