Evaluating Sake
  • Kawakei Shoten, Miyagi
  • Junmai, Omachi


I picked up this sake just because this is made from Omachi which is my favorite sake rice. As you see, it proudly and conspicuously labels Omachi on the bottle.

Despite of being made from Omachi, this one is quite different from the ones which I know are made from Omachi. Either good or bad meaning, this one makes me aware that brewer can give a sake totally different characters even though using the same raw material.

Sakes from Miyagi Prefecture are in general “clear and clean”, like Ichinokura, Uragasumi and such. I am in more preference of sticky sweetened and full bodied ones to those. Therefore I don’t tend to choose the sakes from Miyagi. I anticipate however that Omachi would change my perception of Miyagi made sake.

The bottom line is that Omachi does not change my perception unfortunately. Again, Omachi is good for profound sweetened and fruity sakes. This specific sake is not to my taste, but if you like “clean and clear” ones then it is worthwhile to try. The retail price after tax is $15.00 (720ml bottle).