Evaluating Sake
  • Nishida Sake Brewery Co. Ltd., Aomori
  • Junmai, Hana Fubuki

Here’s one of the most famous and premium sakes from Aomori Prefecture. Denshu is said to be the best sake which is equivalent to Jyuyondai, Dassai, Jikon and a few others. Very beautiful is its simple and clean label on the bottle. The liquor shop I bought this puts constraint on the number of bottle that a person can buy at a time due to its high popularity.

To be candid, the brewery should not have made and marketed this specific make because this is anything but to be detrimental to the established brand. It is understandable that the brewery intends to gain more revenue by full line-up strategy. This might be good sales strategy to increase revenue from bigger market segment by leveraging its premium brand name, but I would say Denshu brand should be used only for high end premium product lines.

This specific make is not positioned as premium one. There is a hint of elegance and extinguished aroma of which high end Denshu is proud. But the overall taste is kind of rough and the integrity and consistency of Denshu elements is gone and just roughness is left at the end.

The purpose of this blog is to introduce high quality but obscure sakes that are available at affordable prices. This try is not aligned with the purpose, and just ends up with disappointing results. The retail price after tax is $14.00.