Chugoku & Shikoku
  • Tsukasabotan Shuzo, Co. Ltd., Kochi
  • Junmai, Omachi


Here’s Omachi-made sake from Tsukasabotan Brewery in Kochi Prefecture. 13 on the label stands for the level of alcohol contained. 13 is rather lower than usual. According to the description on the back, however, it takes quite lots of time and effort to make this sake as it requires to make Dai Ginjyo.

Sakes from Kochi are generally very dry and strong in my understanding. This one however has the elegant aroma which is fermented by Omachi, I believe. The initial taste is a bit spicy but good level of sweetness follows. The complication of sweetness, spiciness, and acidity is quite nice. I am surprised that we can enjoy this level of high quality sake at this price.

The second day however changes the total landscape of this sake. One night air exposure in the refrigerator spoiled the good balance of this sake. This sale completely lost its beautiful sequence and minute balance and now just turns to be bargain sake like others on the shelf. I would recommend that you consume all immediately once open up. The retail price after tax is $13.00.