Chubu & Kinki
  • Mioya Brewery, Ishikawa
  • Junmai, Noto Hikari and Gohyakumangoku


The spelling of this sake might be incorrect as the brewery says that they are making this sake at “UFO” town in Ishikawa prefecture. This brand might be named after the town which boasts for UFO. Obviously not well-known as Roswell or Area 51, but there are records of frequently observing UFO since Edo era.

The brewery prepares very nice web-site in English. Why don’t you visit there and you will find it informative.

I would say that the one which I tried did not come up to my expectation unfortunately. Good or bad, this is a blend of sakes from Kanto and Kansai. Kansai weighs more or less sharpness and Kanto does sweetness. I felt the roughness from the beginning and could not get any distinguished characters of this sake. I just admit that that this one was not to my taste unfortunately. You may try this reasonably priced sake or more premium one from the brewery as they carry the products for export. The retail price after tax is $15.00.