Evaluating Sake
  • Asamai Shuzo Co. Ltd., Akita
  • Tokubestu Junmai, Sake Rice Unknown

I inadvertently grabbed this bottle due to its fancy design. “Shuwatoro which combines “Sparkling and Sticky” sounds good, right? But, I tend to be deceived by such nice looking bottle design and buzz words on it.

Well. I have to admit the fact that this one is sparkling and thick. OK, but that is it. The taste was so plain, and mediocre. Even air cannot change the taste. I used to try several sakes from this brewery before, but I do not recall anything from this brewery hit my taste if I remember correctly. I should have been cleverer in that I immediately take on nice looking bottle. This provides me with another lesson that I have to learn. The retail price before tax is $16.00.