Evaluating Sake
  • Aramasa Co. Ltd., Akita
  • Junmai, Miyama Nishiki

Nice looking and fancy bottle, isn’t it? In my understanding, Aramasa is one of the major brands in Akita and the brand name has reached nationwide. I expected a lot from this brewery, but regrettably was so disappointed with this one.

When opened up, it was just “plain” to be honest. No matter how nice the bottle is designed or garnished the content is just “plain”. I thought that I might have picked up a wrong make. I was very much disappointed with this one for no characteristics and boring taste.

One the second day, however, it was really surprising! The air exposure completely changed the taste. This plain sake was now moist, elegantly sweetened, and bodied. One night refrigerator utterly changed the every feature of this make. I was so satisfied and therefore recommend to everyone. The retail price after tax is $18.00.