Mansaku no Hana

Evaluating Sake
  • Hinomaru Sake Ltd., Akita
  • Junmai Ginjo, Akita Sake Komachi (74%) and Yamada Nishiki (26%)

There are 3 timings at which Sake is taken from the barrel; Arabashiri being the initial flow, Nakagumi being the middle high volume flow, and Semedori being the last squeezed flow from a barrel. This specific make contains the last squeeze. Well, usually, the initial flow which is Arabashiri is the freshest, and the mid flow is the cleanest, as you imagine. But, this make of this line has full-bodied richness, and thick fruitfulness. I may need to admit that the rough alcohol flavor comes at the finish. But, the overall quality is far more than acceptable. The retail price before tax is about $18.00.