Ozeno Yukidoke

Evaluating Sake

Ozeno Yukidoke

  • Ryujin Shuzo Co. Ltd., Gunma
  • Junmai Daiginjyo, Sake Rice (Unknown)


Introducing one of the finest Japanese Sake from Gunma Prefecture that is named after the national park located across Fukushina, Niigata, and Gunma Prefectures.

According to the description back on the bottle, the brewery evaluates that this specific sake has the aroma of apple honey and soft acidity. Also depicted as fruity and elegant taste.

To me however this is not as fruity as other ones. In reality, there are many sakes which are fruitier than this. I would say that this is rather solid than fruity, and the solidness can be felt in much elegant manner. This is Junmai Daiginjyo, but sorry to say I cannot detect the sophistication which Junmai Daiginjyo should have with this one.

The retail price before tax is approximately $16.00.