Evaluating Sake
  • Akebono Shuzo, Co. Ltd., Fukushima
  • Unknown, Kitakata Yamada Nishiki


I am not supporter for such brewery as uses this sort of bottle labelling which looks like a white wine. To be honest, I choose this one as I don’t have many options but this since the liquor shop does not carry wide variety of intriguing sakes lines. A rule of thumb is that the sakes appealing odd appearance usually miss people’s expectations. But I don’t have choice.

Sales pitch like the collaboration with famous sake rice producer in Tokyo also sounds suspicious enough. This sake boasts minimal polish ratio to leverage the best natural quality of sake rice, which is totally contradictory to the common sense shared by Sake Brewers.

The first sip confirms my belief and expectation. There are nothing outstanding or unique to attract myself. You can find this level of quality sake anytime anywhere. It is just ordinary sake according to my initial judgement.

As drinks go on, however, it is amazing to know that the profile of this sake gradually changes over time. The taste gets very solid and minute sweetness is sensed. Unfavorable roughness caused from the minimal sake rice polish felt at the beginning is gone, and, as the brewery claims, this sake starts producing the good aroma originated from sake grain itself. This sake proves that the degree of rice polish is not the decisive factor for the quality. The retail price after tax is approximately $16.00.