Chubu & Kinki
  • Heiwa Shuzou, Co. Ltd. Wakayama
  • Junmai Daiginjo, Yamada Nishiki

Everybody would agree that Wakayama is not the place known for sake. But I am confident that this brewery is one of them most representing the prefecture in terms of its quality and nationwide distribution.

In Japan, there is no disadvantage any longer in where to brew sake. Any breweries can get high class sake rices from anywhere. As long as brewery can capitalize on good water and brewer’s technique it can produce distinguished ones anywhere.

This specific make is well-balanced of sweetness, acidity, and hint of alcohol, and does not betray my expectation. But, it lacks sort of sophistication to me. Each of its elements is mixed well, but, I would say, is rough. The sequence is OK, but integrity is not enough. Well-balanced sounds contradictory, but it is regret to say that some other Junmai Daiginjo have better integrity. The retail price before tax is $15.00.