Evaluating Sake


  • Fukuchiyo Shuzo, SAGA
  • Junmai Ginjyo, Gohyakumangoku

I tried Nabeshima. I am always impressed with its consistently high quality and rich flavor.

The first sip came with a bit spicy, and ended up with the minute balance of sweetness and dryness with rich flavor. The people living in Kyushu in which SAGA Prefecture is located tend to like stronger drink such as Shochu, I presumed. It is amazing however that so sophisticated Japanese sake like this has been brewed and loved by the local people.

Nabeshima is regarded as one of premium Japanese sakes, and therefore awarded at many competitions globally, but the one which I enjoyed last night had obviously value more than money, but was suitable for every day drink at affordable price. I am confident that you can enjoy too. The retail price before tax is approximately $15.00.