Kujira Yama

Evaluating Sake
  • Igarashi Shuzo Co., Ltd., Saitama
  • Junmai, Sake Rice Unknown 


This sake reminds me that I should not be deceived by the words like “limited” or “exclusive” (L). As you see, this specific make is available at a liquor shop with limited number of bottles (72). The reason that I bought however is that I find the name of brewery with which I am familiar. In reality, I just enjoyed “Igarashi” brand sake at a local Izakaya in the previous week, and I paid a visit to the brewery 2 years ago.

I am a fun of this brewery. This brewery may be more famous for the brand name “Tenranzan” as it uses it in its URL. But I am in preference to the product sub brand called “Igarashi”. What I recognize is that the quality of sakes from this brewery varies. It may be simply not to my taste, but this one is kind of disappointing to me. There is no notable characteristics with this sake. The materials are mystery. Well, the company wants to sell this boring sake by marketing technique (labeling, rarity, locality, and such…)

Sometime I don’t like even my favorite Igarashi brands, but the one which I drink last week is superb. So the challenge with this brewery would be quality stability, I guess. Or just trying to meet various needs of sake drinkers. Apologies! The retail price after tax is about $14.00.