Chugoku & Shikoku
  • Kikuchi Shuzo, Co. Ltd., Okayama
  • Junmai Ginjyo, Omachi

This sake is advertised on a local supermarket as week special featuring Omachi, mainly from Okayama area, which is one of great sake rice in Japan.

This sake keeps profound sweetness which is inherent with Omachi, but unfortunately the degree of polish is not sufficient to take 100% advantage of Omachi, which is only drawback of this sake.

Its price is amazing and it is really value for money. I would say that the way of making this sake is sort of rough and therefore undermines the goodies of ingredient. It is understandable however that the brewery intends to make good sake at reasonable price. This one is obviously not positioned as high-end lines, but in consideration of its price, the taste and quality are acceptable. I like the unsophisticated, but mannish bottle design. The retail price after tax is $13.00.