Raifuku (Aiyama)

Evaluating Sake
  • Raifuku Shuzo, Co., Ltd., Ibaraki
  • Junmai Ginjyo, Aiyama


The second time Raifuku appearance here. I tempted to choose another brand new to this site, but I want to reiterate and emphasize how good this brand is.

At the beginning, the mouth is filled with modest but well balanced sweetness and acidity together with alcoholic stimulus. Unfortunately however this sake ends up with kind of bitterness which leaves unpleasant finish. In that sense, this sake is regrettably devoid of consistent high quality at which this brewery is that good. Again whether this sake is liked or not is solely dependent upon drinker. Therefore I believe that this sake maintains certain level of Raifuku which is my favorite brand from Ibaraki. The brewers here are like magicians who can employ a variety of techniques to extract the inherent flavors from the sake grains and deliver the high quality of sakes. But I may need to admit that I myself am in more favor of Raifuku made from Omachi and Gohyakumangoku than that from Aiyama. The retail price after tax is $16.00.