Chubu & Kinki
  • Kobe Shushin Kan., Co. Ltd., Hyogo
  • Junmai Ginjyo, Sake Rice Unknown


Its auspicious name is welcome at any celebrating opportunities. Its multi-language website is well and kindly prepared for people outside Japan. Nice looking blue bottle with simple design also gives good impression.

This sake is highly recommended as you can enjoy the richness of Junmai Ginjyo at the reasonable price. As it say, this sake comes with ripe apricot bouquet and conveys a smooth rice umami flavor. This is absolutely true!

The first sip impresses me with its rich and profound sweetness with minimal acidity and alcoholic smell. I don’t believe that this is the one from Nada which everyone know is long heritage where produces best sakes in Japan. My impression on Nada sake is sharp and dry. But this has quite different profile than that of other Nada-origin sakes.

The air exposure affects the taste gradually. In that sense, this sake is not the exception. But this sake maintains good aroma and taste, and never falls in bad area. The retail price after tax is $16.00.