Chubu & Kinki
  • Emishiki Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. Shiga
  • Tokubetsu Junmai, Nihonbare


For those who like heavy and deep one, this sake is a good choice. Every sip gives you big hit. This sake is sour, spicy, and even sweet. Each element stands out independently. In that sense, you cannot enjoy the integrity from this sake. But this is good one after you finish several glasses (L). You may then accept this kind of sake which each flavor is distinguished strong. Bottle design looks quite sophisticated, but the content is different in its heavy impact. Unfortunately however this is not my type.

On the following day, air exposure makes this sake milder. The aggressiveness is now gone, and at the same time the attractiveness of this sake is also gone. It just becomes mediocre which you can find anywhere. The retail price after tax is $14.00.