Azuma Rikishi

Evaluating Sake
  • Shimazaki Shuzo, Co. Ltd., Tochigi
  • Junmai Ginjo, Yamada Nishiki and Gohyakumangoku

Looks like treated roughly at the retail store, the labels on bottle are miserably damaged, but the sake quality is definitely superb all the way through.

This is typical Tochigi sake which is in line with other goodies like Houou Biden, Tsuji Zenbei and such. In contrast with its name (Sumo Wrestler in the East) and bottle design, this sake is very sophisticated and rather feminine. The taste is quite rich and smooth, and gives just good level of sourness and bitterness.

This brewery carries many product lines and I highly recommend your try. The retail price after tax is $15.00.