Evaluating Sake
  • Tohoku Meijo Co. Ltd., Yamagata
  • Junmai Daiginjyo, Dewa Sansan


Too much expectation on Junmai Daiginjyo at this price! As Hatsumago (meaning the first grand child) is also well known brand domestically, I am sure this brewer will never disappoint me! So, I rush into a liquor shop and grab this bottle. But, its taste is just mediocre. No distinctive characteristics can be noted. It is just acceptable. In other words, it is good for drink while enjoying good foods. This sake seemingly fails to extract the goodies of Junmai Daiginjyo, to be candid. The bitterness at the end is just felt.

But this sake is good for me to re-convince of no relationship between Junmai Daiginjyo and the quality. The price tag does not tell a lie…. The retail price after tax is $14.00.