Evaluating Sake
  • Senkin Inc., Tochigi
  • Unspecified, Domaine Sakura Yamada Nishiki

Empirically speaking, Senkin is one of the best breweries in Tochigi Prefecture. In reality, I paid a visit to the brewery last year and was impressed with their commitment to making good sake. I did not come across anyone there, but the brewery is somewhat sacred, I feel.

Talking about this sake, however, strong sake yeast flavor comes first with spiciness which is brought by alcohol. As the drinks go on, this sake is getting milder, but unpleasant yeast flavor gets augmented together with uncomfortable acidity. The wildness of sake yeast and rough alcohol smell make this sake so unsophisticated. To be frank, this is the least sophisticated Senkin that I have ever tried. My favorite Senkin comes with much full of fruit flavor and long lasting sensual sweetness. Obviously this is not the case. This is not the main-steam Senkin of which the brewery is proud. Unfortunately this sake does not deliver the same level of quality as does Houou Biden or Tsuji Zenbei in Tochigi. I am going to try another Senkin as I am still big fan of this brewery. I am just unlucky this time. The retail price after tax is $15.00.